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Hey guys! It’s been a little bit but I’m so happy to get back into writing more for the blog. I recently realized it’s been over a year since I switched to clean beauty, and a lot of the products I’ve bought are starting to expire (cleaner beauty=fewer chemical preservatives, which usually means a shelf life of 12 months or less).

This process has been really fun and interesting for me, and one of the major things that I’ve learned is that trying to live a 100% nontoxic lifestyle 24/7 is not only impossible (hello, wi-fi waves, food without listed explicit ingredients, and ubers/shops/hotels/friends and family with synthetic fragrance); it was also actually wearing on me a little and stressing me out. I’ve really been learning to prioritize my peace of mind and happiness as one of the most important aspects of my health, and for me that now includes less obsession over every aspect of my life and more intention on enjoying it!

As I say goodbye to many of my empty and/or expiring clean beauty products, I am not necessarily going to be replacing them. I feel like I made a sincere and significant effort to try as many different clean beauty brands, formulas, and products as I reasonably could, and there are some changes to my beauty collection that will definitely stick. There were also some letdowns, to be honest, and many products that just don’t work for me. I’ll be hopping on more regularly to share a quick review of the good and bad as I say goodbye, and I’ll let you know whether or not (and why) I’ll choose to buy it again in the future.

I’ve already dipped my toe back into shopping some of my conventional beauty favorites, and I’m now more interested in balance than purity in my bathroom cabinets. Of course I’m going to keep looking for and trying cleaner beauty products as I move forward; it’s still my goal to find the safest, healthiest and most beautiful (and effective) products to use for myself, my family and my home. The process just doesn’t feel as urgent for me anymore and I’d rather take my time finding things I truly love than spending my time and money on any and everything just because it’s “nontoxic”.

This is what progress looks like for me right now, and I’m really excited about it! My health, mindset, and outlook for the future are in such a better place than when I started this whole project. I’m looking forward to sharing so much more with you guys! Stay tuned for many mini-reviews to come and if you want a few sneak peeks, I’ve already begun posting a few of them on my instagram page @xo_edie. Talk to you soon!