Osmia Oh So

Under 10 ingredients, half of them certified organic. Possibly the cleanest product to clean your body, aka the most gentle and beautiful bar of soap ever. Olive and mango oils, African pearl salt, Vitamin E and buttermilk powder are included. Completely fragrance free. Lower lather so I prefer to use with a loofah to fluff it up.

Osmia Oh So Detox

My other super simple and gentle body soap choice from Osmia. I alternate between the two. This one includes Australian Black Clay and activated charcoal as well as organic olive oil, shea butter and avocado oil. Also unscented and lathers a bit more than Oh So. I still love using with my loofah to get the most suds possible.

Dr Bronner Pure Castille Soap

This multitasker can be used for almost anything (face, hair, laundry, dishes, food, mopping, pets and more!). I use it as a body wash since it lathers super well and is great for after a beach day or sweaty workout. Only use a few drops since it’s so concentrated. I like almond and citrus scents, Rob likes peppermint and lavender (my fav is cherry blossom but it’s only avail in Australia for some reason).

Skin Owl Body Oil

Also about 10 ingredients, super clean and luxurious! Aloe, calendula, and jojoba, sweet almond, apricot, neem and olive oils. Unscented, non-greasy, the best full body oil that I’ve ever used. No clogged pores or bumpy skin with this one! I use it neck-to-toe after every shower and my skin is so soft. LOVE.

Native Sensitive Deodorant

Love this nontoxic aluminum-free deodorant that really works and has a great scent! I prefer the sensitive formulas for clean deos because the baking soda in their standard formulas can irritate underarms (esp after shaving). This uses coconut oil, arrowroot and magnesium instead. I like Cotton and Lily scent which kind of smells like a subtle old timey super clean shaving cream. Rob loves it too so its unisex!

Tend Skin Solution

Pretty much the gold standard/cult fav for anything hair removal related. I use this after shaving if I have any irritation and use it after plucking eyebrows sometimes.

Bodecare Loofah

The BEST loofah! Backed with organic Egyptian cotton. These are scrubby enough to exfoliate but not too rough. I buy them like 4 at at time and switch every couple of months. Perfect for lathering body cleansers and soaps and 100% natural. The brand is Australian and ordering from them is super expensive so I found and linked a boutique in Minnesota that carries them.

Weleda Almond Hand Cream

Super hydrating hand cream for sensitive skin with the sweetest subtle almond scent. Has a little bit of lactic acid to help improve skin texture and exfoliate rougher areas like feet, elbows, cuticles, etc. Metal tube and great size for travel.

Everyone Hand Soap Ylang Ylang + Cedarwood

The hand soap we use in our bathroom (and whole house). Non-GMO, SLS free, no dyes or artificial fragrances. Aka: clean & gentle formula, no foamy lather that strips skin, and super subtle scent that fades quickly.

Dr Bronner Cinnamon Toothpaste

Prob my favorite toothpaste. Great cinnamon flavor and nice gel/paste texture (a lot of nontoxic toothpastes are runny or chalky but this one isn’t).

Olas Marine Bio Active Mouthwash

Better than Listerine! A super strong alcohol-free mouthwash that leaves your breath fresh and clean. Comes in a gorgeous glass bottle w/metal cap.

Lucky Teeth Organic Silk Floss

This organic silk floss is also in a pretty little recyclable glass tube. It has antibacterial/antifungal tea tree and anti-inflammatory/antioxidant peppermint essential oils. 100% biodegradable, breaks down in 60-90 days. Also a nice texture/size floss because some natural flosses can be too thick or rough.

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