Sephora Sale

Hey guys! It’s one of the best times of the year again, a 20% off sale at Sephora!! I got a pretty great haul of things I’ve already tried and loved as well as a few new things I’m excited to try. Here’s what I got!

  1. Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Cream: I’ve loved this brand for years and years and especially their oriental plants skincare line. I used the entire line in my early 20s but felt like it didn’t make that much of a difference in my skin (because what is there to fix other than occasional pimples when you’re 22??). I’m retrying a few products from the brand now that my skin seems to crave something simple and nourishing, so stay tuned how I like this moisturizer now that I actually need it.
  2. Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque: I’ve never gotten much into Kiehl’s skincare, but this masque has me very intrigued! Of the 250 reviews on Sephora, 202 of them are 5 stars. With review titles like “YOU NEED THIS MASK!”, “Holy. Grail.”, and “This mask has completely changed my skin!!” I was so curious that I had to try it. Stay tuned!
  3. Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Antioxidant Face Oil: I got the tiny size of this in a gift set during the last sale, and I’ve been so stingy using it because I didn’t want it to run out. This time I got the mini (0.5 oz) and am really excited. This is just a really great single ingredient product that I love using to mix with creams or serums for added moisture. I also like to use it by itself on my face, hair, nails, etc as just a super simple nourishing oil!
  4. Viseart Rose EDIT Eyeshadow Palette: Okay so I’m kind of over the pink eyeshadow trend (my mom used to say it looked like pinkeye and it’s always stuck with me, haha) but this palette had so many pretty warm nudes and neutrals–and my favorite fun eyeshadow color ever–purple. I love these Viseart palettes because they’re super compact and the perfect size for me. Great to throw in a makeup bag but also just perfect portions of product because I don’t know when I’ll ever use an entire single shade of eyeshadow! IMO, almost everything should come in much smaller sizes. Packaged/restaurant food, color cosmetics, active ingredient skincare, etc. Right?
  5. Sunday Riley Juno Antioxidant + Superfood Face Oil: This is a staple for me and an immediate repurchase. I love love the ingredients and most importantly the results on my skin. It’s nourishing but also clarifying and breakout-clearing thanks to cumin oil, which is a great anti-acne ingredient. One of the few face oils I’ve quickly run completely out of more than once, so I was happy my need to restock happened during this sale!
  6. Tom Ford Cheek Color in Inhibition: I think that peachy-pink is the most youthful and flattering blush color for everyday wear. Obviously your blush choice changes with your skin tone variations and makeup look every day, but if I had to pick only one cheek color it would definitely be peach! It just brightens up the whole face and looks so happy and bright on every skin tone. I love Nars Torrid and have it in liquid and powder, but they’re both a little bit shimmer-ier than I’d like. This looks much more neutral and natural while still being so peachy-perfect, and there is no better time to buy/try Tom Ford than during a sale.

That’s it for this haul, and I saved over $60 on this order! That’s more than the price of each of the other products but the Tom Ford blush and the Koh Gen Do cream. My usual tip for shopping these 20% sales is to go with the most expensive things on your wish list, because the discount really kicks in at the $100 and over range. I never really buy anything under $30 during a discount sale, just because the discount isn’t usually enough to entice me.

Have you shopped the Sephora sale yet? Spot any faves or wish list items in the products I picked up this year? I’d love to know what your go-to sale tips/tricks and products are!