General Health and Wellness

Here are some of my favorite health and beauty related resources and products. Click pictures and links below to browse and/or shop!


Chris Kresser

Twist of Lemons

Frolic and Flow

Rachl Mansfield

Bulletproof Blog

Wellness Mama

Favorite Supplements

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Silverfern Ultimate Probiotic: 100% survivability guaranteed, DNA verified, AIP friendly (no fillers like potato startch)

Ora Organic Pre & Probiotic Powder: Yummy taste, mixes well with plain water and yeast free, also AIP friendly

Turmeric Formula Supplement for inflammation, joints, immune health, and more! I take this every day

Healthy Home

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Berkey Water Purification System with 2 Black Berkey Filters & 2 Fluoride Filters

Austin Air Allergy Machine Air Purifier, Junior Size

Crystal Quest Bath Ball Water Filter

Stasher Bag Silicone Food Storage Bag (Aqua)
(No BPA or other chemicals like plastic, easy to seal and watertight, can be refrigerated, frozen, boiled, microwaved and is dishwasher safe!)

Stasher Bag Silicone Food Storage Bag (Grey)

Pyrex Glass & Silicone Food Storage Set