switch-to-safer-cosmeticsAbout 10 years ago, my mom declared that deodorant was poison and that the aluminum in it could cause Alzheimer’s. She said she would never use it again and showed me some weird soap shaped like a rock crystal that she said she would use instead. Looking back, I thought she was crazy! Well Mom, I sincerely apologize and you were actually on to something much bigger than deodorant.

The potentially harmful and toxic chemicals present in the majority of beauty and self care products today is astounding. From rashes and irritation to respiratory, endocrine, immune and fertility problems to CANCER, ORGAN TOXICITY, PROBLEMS IN DEVELOPING BABIES, and CHANGES TO CELLULAR STRUCTURE, the possible side effects of many mainstream beauty products is nothing short of terrifying.

The good news is that there is a huge community of advocates and companies dedicated to making safer alternatives and that community is growing every day! From simple and natural reformulated basics like soap, household products and deodorant to high end organic, cruelty free and even vegan options for skincare and makeup, there are so many safer alternatives now for everything we need and want to take care of ourselves!

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